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Re: newbie

> On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 01:26:07PM +0200, Thomas J. Zeeman wrote:
>> > If I install amd64 port can I execute old i386 apps?
>> Yes. See the AMD64 FAQ/HOWTO on the ports page for more info.
> The chroot is the only solution or in a little future there is a
> pissibility to run i386 apps in general enviroment?

ATM that is the option with the best chances of success I think.
You can also try with a kernel supporting 64/32 translation together with
the linux-ia32-lib package AFAIR.
For instance, see the current thread about getting acroread to work on
amd64. Other threads about this (including 3d apps using nVidia mixed-mode
driver) can also be found in the archive.

In the long term the solution is considered to be multi-arch. That is not
yet ready for the average user yet AFAIK.


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