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Re: Grub freezes with legacy USB support

> I have the MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R motherboard. I have the latest BIOS update
> from MSI website but when I turn on legacy USB support in my BIOS GRUB
> freezes. Any idea what could be the problem and there is no error
> messages at all.´

I believe this is a Grub issue. I ended up with the same headache on
several systems I wanted to use a USB KVM on. Took three KVM's and some
BIOS updates for me to realize it's the same with any USB keyboard setup.
I googled up a bit and I found this is a known problem in Grub which I
believe (hope) they're working on.

My solution was to disable USB legacy and just have a PS2 keyboard handy
if I ever need to enter setup. I still use the system via the USB KVM,
just without legacy support.

(another reason for me to miss lilo...)


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