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Re: Gigabyte K8NS

Am Di, den 10.08.2004 schrieb Manuele Rampazzo um 20:26:
> Mmmmmm sis900 didn't work, even if there are some references to ics lan 
> phy. Then I've looked for some infos about the nforce3-250 I've got on 
> the board and I've patched the custom forcedeth module from the 2.6.7 
> debian kernel source with two patches (forcedeth-bk4.patch and 
> forcedeth_gigabit_try19.txt) I've found in 
> http://www.hailfinger.org/carldani/linux/patches/forcedeth/ and the 
> network adapter is working well now!
> [I've read somewhere that those patches will be included in the 2.6.8 
> kernel... is it right?]

That's correct, the following line shows up in the kernel changelog for

	[PATCH] Gigabit Ethernet support for forcedeth

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