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Re: Gigabyte K8NS

Manuele Rampazzo wrote:
I've got the "Gigabyte K8NS" mainboard, but I'm not able to enable the network: I don't find any good information about the "ICS 1883 LAN PHY" integrated network adapter. Does anybody have experience with this chipset?

Mmmmmm sis900 didn't work, even if there are some references to ics lan phy. Then I've looked for some infos about the nforce3-250 I've got on the board and I've patched the custom forcedeth module from the 2.6.7 debian kernel source with two patches (forcedeth-bk4.patch and forcedeth_gigabit_try19.txt) I've found in http://www.hailfinger.org/carldani/linux/patches/forcedeth/ and the network adapter is working well now!

[I've read somewhere that those patches will be included in the 2.6.8 kernel... is it right?]

Sound is working good too, it's using the snd_intel8x0 alsa module.

I still have to explore more details from the board, but I think you can write in the compatibility list that it works with debian-amd64 :-)

Thanks for your support!


Manuele Rampazzo - manuele.rampazzo@infocamere.it

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