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FSC D1607 and other quetion

Hello folk,

I bought a fujitsu-siemens D1607-g and will have end of the week a CPU
3.2 AMD64.

First of all is there a known problem with this board?
There is a VIA K8T800 / 8237, Ultra V-Link
Sigmatel STAC 9758, 6-channel AC _97 Audio,
AMDtek LAN Ethernet Controller AN983 B with 10/100 MBit/s.

Second I had a look in some manuals and howtos and I download the
There is written to install into a chroot. Is it also possible to
install it like a normal Debian System (without using chroot).
To use KDE I have to compile it by my own?!

Thanks and sorry for my English.

Best regards


PS: Is there a Howto in German available or some other help in German?  

This is Linux Land-
In silent nights you can hear the windows machines rebooting

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