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Re: Debian installer july 6th netinst iso for pure64 not workingfor me

> On Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 04:32:15PM +0200, Thomas J. Zeeman wrote:
>> To make matters stranger, I have an Asus K8V SE Deluxe as well and I got
>> the 20040711 images working with a 2.6.7-nocona kernel (which seems to
>> be
>> the default).
> what do you mean with "seems to be the default"?
> The nocona flavour is for intel Xeon DP "nocona" systems, not for amd
> ones. It works of course, but has the IOMMU disabled. the k8 flavour is
> the one intended for your system.

What I mean is that when I installed the system it came with a kernel
named 2.6.7-nocona and AFAICT no other eventhough grub mentions both a
2.6.7 and a 2.6.7-nocona kernel. When I found that kernel-image in
aptitude and read in its description it was for the intel x86-64 I tried
to uninstall it but I got a warning I was trying to uninstall a running


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