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Re: "Trivial Question" - 32bit vs. 64bit vs. 32/64bit


On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 01:37:22AM -0400, Chris Horn wrote:
> I have read/skimmed the AMD64 Debian HOWTO, but still don't know the answer to 
> the general question: Do I want a "pure" 64 bit system, or not?

The pure64 port actually is to be considered BETA. We have compiled
roundabout 93% of all packages in sid up to now, but a lot of packages was
not tested to be running at all so far. 

Some people already use it as their desktop system natively; other
people run pure64 chroots on a 32bit host.

> whole separate /lib32 directory (as opposed to a /lib64 one)?  How would I go 
> about running GL games, like Quake, Critical Mass and Return to Castle 
> Wolfenstein?  Does ALSA work in 64 bits?  Do nVidia's video drivers?

32bit OpenGL games do NOT worki with the pure64 approach. You can actually play 
vegastrike or tuxracer, that's what I have tested so far. Tuxracer has
distorted sound on my emu10k1 with alsa, though. xmms works fine.
There is a 64bit version of Unreal Tournament 2004, too.

NVidia drives for amd64 work with kernel 2.6.5. I was not able so far to
get them running with 2.6.6-vanilla or the -mm respective -bk patches. I
did not try 2.6.7-rc1 so far. 

On X11 startup with nvidia drivers set up, 2.6.6+ kernels either hang, or 
reboot instantaneously when appending noapic nolapic to the kernel command line.

Frederik Schueler


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