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Re: amd64 installer (Debian From Scratch)

>> >    Err... libata is the SCSI-layer drivers, and gives you /dev/sda and
>> > friends. If you have a /dev/hde SATA drive, then that's the
>> > drivers/ide-layer driver. Could you clarify which one you meant?
>> >
>> >    Hugo.
>> Yes, it's ide-layer, siimage module exactly.
> Plese, disregard my last message. I confess, I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SATA
> (yet). I checked which modules load on my Opteron box with sil3114
> controller rumnning Mandrake 10 beta, and here is the output of lsmod:
> sata_sil                5892  0
> libata                 28160  1 sata_sil,[permanent]
> scsi_mod               99168  6 sg,sr_mod,ppa,imm,sd_mod,libata
> So it's libata and yet my disk is seen as /dev/hde.

I'm using libata for via build in the kernel. With a 2.6.5 i386 kernel i
get /dev/hde. But with a x86_64 (with the same options) i get /dev/sda.


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