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Re: amd64 installer (Debian From Scratch)

kopszak@mnw.art.pl (Piotr Kopszak) writes:

> sata_sil                5892  0 
> libata                 28160  1 sata_sil,[permanent]
> scsi_mod               99168  6 sg,sr_mod,ppa,imm,sd_mod,libata
> So it's libata and yet my disk is seen as /dev/hde. 

That's quite strange. I just downloaded DFS-0.6.2 and burned a CD. If I
boot from it then at the first step I just see my parallel IDE drive. But
if I do a 

# modprobe sata_sil

then all my 4 S-ATA drives connected to the 3114 are available as 

I've been playing around with other 64bit distributions (is part of my Job)
and can tell the following: 
- SuSE treats S-ATA as SCSI with /dev/sd?
- Fedora Core 2 does it as well
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 update 2 is currently not working with the
  drivers I can download from Tyan

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