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amd64 installer (Debian From Scratch)

Hi John,

After I reconfigured BIOS setting, now I cannot reproduce the previous errors. 
But now I get more serious one.  It even refuse to go to booting sequence:

  Booting 'Boot vmlinuz-2.6.6amd64'
kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.6amd64 root=/dev/ram0
   [Linux-bzImage, setup=0x1400, size=0x264713]
initrd /opt/dfsruntime/initrd.dfs
   [Linux-initrd @ 0xdbe3a000, 0x1a6000 bytes]
Error 28: Selected item cannot fit into memory

Grub reports 639K lower/3603392K upper memory; thus I doubt what it says.

Also when I examined dmesg I sent last time.  I noticed 2 ide-related errors:
1. kobject_registe failed for ide(-17)
2. attempt to access beyond end of device
You may not be interested in these 2 errors, but I have fixed similar one by
examining all ide-options before.

Thank you for your info. about LVM, I will check it, and examine the
applicability to my case.  If you are interested in non-ATA SCSI, then you must
not include it to the kernel.  As I found out, ATA-SCSI and SATA /dev/hde are
mutually exclusive, naturally.

Toshikazu Aiyama

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