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New DF image available

Hi John,

Thank you for uploading new image.  You noted some changes, and I found one of
them particularly interesting to me.

 * New amd64 kernel compiles SCSI SATA support as modules instead of
   directly to permit users to use the IDE SATA support.

Do you mean I can boot your image w/o SCSI SATA?  If so, how can I disable
automatic loading of libata(i.e. SCSI SATA).  I'm afraid what you mean is "No"
to my question because I cannot locate the module: libata or corresponding one
under /lib/modules immediately after booting login.  I know I am asking too
much favor; but the booting system cannot install to /dev/hde because libata
makes any SATA devices to SCSI divice.  And according to "Linux Allocated
Devices" formerly maintained by Anvin now by Cagle states:
   Partitions are handled in the same way as for IDE
   disks (see major number 3) except that the limit on
   partitions is 15.

Since the booting system cannot see /dev/hde as a whole, using your image I
cannot install to /dev/hde27, for example.  You suggested me to use LVM, but I
am testing installations of a lot of linux images and other OSes w/o regard to
the existence of other OSes.  Also I am developing a boot manager which
ocuupies less than 510 byts and which enables any BIOS supported devices' any
partitions.  If you are interested in you can read:

I do not feel LVM suit my need.  Thank you again for your effort, and for
reading thus far.

Toshikazu Aiyama

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