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Re: console-tools-libs not available

On Mon, 17 May 2004, Timo Aaltonen wrote:

> 	Hi
>   I just tried to install pure64 on a HP Proliant 145 test-server but
> debootstrap failed because console-tools-libs is not available... it seems
> that console-tools was compiled two days ago but -libs failed? Is it
> available somewhere else? Are there other packages missing that prevent me
> from bootstrapping?

Thanks for the replies, I got it working eventually after updating woody
to sarge and installing newer cdebootstrap from sid. Happily running
sid-amd64 now =)

> Another question: it seems that serial console is broken on 2.6.5, because
> we tried Gentoo on it. Is it true or Gentoo's fault?

It worked with 32bit userland after the system got itself up, but doesn't
work in pure64. Must be the kernel to blame, then.


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