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debian install LiveCD for AMD64?

These days I am toying with the idea of creating a live CD to install debian
pure64 on almost any amd64 systems.  The feature of the CD is:
   1. boot up to console-prompt.
   2. Recognize almost all PATA and SATA controller(excluding intel's).
   3. Recognize almost all NIC.
Item 2 can be tough, but at least I would like to show how to overcome.
The current installer made by Roeckx is not a live CD, and also fails at 2.
Using this live CD, I can partition SATA disk, and choose partition to install
the system.

The installer's kernel can be simple and well fixed i386 2.6.x.  kernel for
AMD64 can be included, or can be downloaded from elsewhere.
There can be 2 versions: one like businesscard(>10MB), and another like
netinst(>110MB).  >10MB version can be used for good network connection.
Also it uses cdebootstrap.  >110MB version can use the image like Anders.

gcc-3.3, gcc.bart, and other cross-compiling facility can also be incorporated.

Does anybody has any suggestion, or thoughts?

Toshikazu Aiyama

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