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Debian-installer on amd64.

I've build a new iso for the debian-installer for amd64 and it
looks like it's almost in a useable state.  It's now using a 2.6

It's available from
for those who want to try and test it.

Current problems:
- It doesn't auto detect my sata disks.  I have to run "modprobe
  sata_via" myself.
- It doesn't detect mynetwork card either anymore and I have to
  "modprobe sk98lin"
- It complains it can't find a cdrom, but that might have to do
  with the type of image I'm making.  You now have to go to the
  step detect network and go on from there.
- It downloads all packages and unpacks them.  When it comes at
  50% it says "doing something important" and just after that it
  says "couldn't install root".
  I have no idea what's the problem with this or have any idea
  how to solve it.  After that I can't do much anymore.

If you want to try this you'll have to use my copy of John
Goerzen's packages.  I had to change some files a little and add
a few packages.

To be able to use it you'll probably have to use ftp since there
seems to be something wrong with the webserver and udebs.
If you get to the select mirror screen, first select go back,
then go to selecting the mirror again, and now it will prompt you
to use http or ftp.  Use ftp.

Then for the hostname write bytekeeper.as28747.net and for the
directory write /amd64/jgoerzen/amd64

I hope to get all those problems solved soon.


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