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Re: K8T Master2-FAR and Opteron 240

Levi Bard wrote:

> However, due to needing to use this box a lot, it's still 32-bit. When
> software support is sufficient for my needs, I'll convert over to 64.

Ditto.  I played with a couple different configurations of 32/64 and
pure64, but none of them really met my computing needs, and I kept running
into things like library conflicts.

That's why it's worth having dedicated partitions for 32arch, 64arch and biarch.
Do an ordinary 32arch install with a safe 32arch kernel.  Get a biarch kernel
and make it available as the default boot choice for the 32arch environment.
You now have a stable and reliable machine to use as a production server.

Take each of the other partitions and make them additional bootable installs,
list them (for future use) in the 32arch lilo, don't use them any time soon.
You can then choose to run each service (database or whatever) in any of
the partitions and they will look equivalent as network/socket services.

A desktop workstation might, for example, have ...
* an open source simulation tool running 64 bit in the 64arch
* the proprietary X server, not available in any other form, in 32arch
* miscellaneous programming and development for future use in biarch

At some future time, when biarch or 64arch are equally stable as 32arch
for your purposes, you simply tell lilo to use a different root partition.

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