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Re: Webserver

On Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 11:50:16AM -0500, TJ wrote:
> Yes, mistake that i'm now paying for, the only stable build in my
> Opteron environment is the one server I have running debian 32/64.  My
> question is, would the recommendation for rebuilding the rest of my
> opterons be Debian 32/64 or straight debian 32 for now because of
> upgradability then move to a 64 bit enabled debian when it becomes
> available?  Debian in its 32/64 format does not seem to be something
> easily replicatable,

I am not sure how similar the hardware on all your systems are, but if
there aren't too many variations in RAID controllers, video cards (if
you have them), etc., then SystemImager and the System Installer Suite
(SIS) may be helpful to you.  It uses rsync with a post install
configuration system (system configurator) to install new machines as
copies of old ones.  We use it for all GNU/Linux systems we don't PXE


It may seem complicated, but it is pretty easy to set up.

> and disaster recovery is a major issue in our
> Policy here.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

SIS would also help with these.  We make images of our ``unique''
servers to disk from time to time so that they can be rebuilt easily.

David Dooling

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