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sudo chroot into /amd64?

On Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 03:15:32PM -0700, Alex Perry wrote:
> That's why it's worth having dedicated partitions for 32arch, 64arch and 
> biarch.
> Do an ordinary 32arch install with a safe 32arch kernel.  Get a biarch 
> kernel
> and make it available as the default boot choice for the 32arch environment.
> You now have a stable and reliable machine to use as a production server.

 Does anyone else have a multi-user compute cluster of Opterons?  I manage
one at work, and I've been thinking about how to let users chroot into the
64bit system.  Has anyone already figured out what to put in sudo.conf to
let users  chroot /amd64 su - $USER?  /amd64 is a partition with a pure64
install, and /home is bind-mounted inside it.  I haven't even considered
booting a 64bit users space, but I want to be able to run in 64bit mode to
gain a bit of performance for our bioinformatics number crunching.  I
installed a biarch 2.4 kernel, since something didn't work right when I
tried a 2.6.  (don't remember what, though.)  I'm hoping to get openMosix
ported to AMD64 soon, and its 2.6 port is still pre-alpha, so we'll probably
be running 2.4 for a while.

 Or would it make more sense to run sshd inside the chroot, listening on a
different port?

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