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Re: K8T Master2-FAR and Opteron 240

(Oops, forgot to copy the list...)

>> I have bought a K8T Master2-FAR motherboard and have ordered two
Opteron 240. The problem is that according to AMD the board supports
Opteron 240, according to MSI-homepage the board supports up to Opteron
248, but in the boards manual it says Opteron 244 and higher.
> I'm using an MSI K8T Master2-FAR with dual Opteron 240's right now. :)
The main thing is make sure your RAM works with AMD. There's a link over
at their website (too busy to dig it up right now) that lists certified
RAM. I have Buffalo Technologies brand.

I did the same thing.  However, I got two(!) defective motherboards in a
row, and switched to the Tyan Thunder K8W S2875, which works beautifully. 
I believe I also have Buffalo Tech registered RAM.

> However, due to needing to use this box a lot, it's still 32-bit. When
software support is sufficient for my needs, I'll convert over to 64.

Ditto.  I played with a couple different configurations of 32/64 and
pure64, but none of them really met my computing needs, and I kept running
into things like library conflicts.

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