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I have been upgrading my datacetner to opteron over the past 6 months,
and had decided because of some early testing that gentoo would be the
preferred amd64 distribution. Yes, mistake that i'm now paying for, the
only stable build in my Opteron environment is the one server I have
running debian 32/64.  My question is, would the recommendation for
rebuilding the rest of my opterons be Debian 32/64 or straight debian 32
for now because of upgradability then move to a 64 bit enabled debian
when it becomes available?  Is there an estimate on when that might be,
btw?  Debian in its 32/64 format does not seem to be something easily
replicatable, and disaster recovery is a major issue in our Policy here.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
TJ Vanderpoel GCIA,GCIH
Chief Technology Officer

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