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Re: Debian installer [Was: Re: Support for amd64 on ftp.debian.org?]

On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 10:35:04PM +0200, Kurt Roeckx wrote:
> The 2.4 kernel doesn't have support for devfs on amd64.
> It looks like it's corrupting memory and therefor disabled.
> Because we don't have devfs support we can't mount the initrd.

Furthermore DI needs devfs in a couple of places, it was designed 
around it. The partitioner for example uses it to find the disks. 
Without devfs, DI simply is non-functional. 

> We're now looking into using a 2.6 kernel for it, but have no
> idea if d-i is going to work with it in the first place.

Right now I am doing some stress tests with 2.6.5 and devfs (compile 
kernels with make -j10 in a loop, one in 32bit mode and one in 64bit 
mode in parallel) to see if something happens, after now 3 hours the system 
is still alive (besides the load of ~20). Maybe more people can check if
there are problems, and test-drive 2.6.5 with devfs (do not forget to 
install devfsd)? 

It looks 2.6 is quiet mature on K8, but DI support for it is still on the 
TODO list. At least a fresh svn update on my debian-installer sources shows 
there actually is work being done in this direction, but so far only to
assure DI builds on a 2.6 host.

Expect a first try on a generic set of 2.6.5 kernels for k8 and k8-smp
(with pcmcia) for the end of the week.

so long
Frederik Schueler


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