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Some questions and hardware offer


My name is Honza Houstek and I'm new to this list. I work as a Unix/Linux
administrator and sometimes also as a developer. I prefere Debian on my

Some time ago I managed to gain some Opteron machines and it would be
really nice if I could run Debian there. I'm glad that there is your
Debian-AMD64 project, I saw www pages but I still have some questions
about status of the project.

I suppose that it's possible to install 32bit Debian on an AMD64 hardware
(with kernel borrowed e.g. from SUSE). My question is if it is possible to
install basic 64bit libraries from Debian-AMD64 project and run some
applications in native 64bit mode, and if that is possibe, the next
question is about a working build enviroment.

I would like to use some Opteron servers in production environment with
32bit Debian stable, but I want the possibility to run some native 64bit
programs there (with experimental status, of course). My focus lies in
apache, SQL engines, PHP, Perl, FTP deamons and similar services which are
expected to consume most of the CPU time (I really do not mind running vim
in 32bit mode).

Next part of this message is the offer mentioned in the Subject.
It would be possibe to reserve one dual Opteron 240 machine with 1GB of
RAM for Debian-AMD64 project, if anyone is interested. The machine must
physicaly be in our network and ownership (I cannot afford to donate $3000
hardware). Using this machine would be conditioned with a visible progress
of the Debian-AMD64 port.

I'm looking forward to your feedback.


-- Honza Houstek
   Institute of Theoretical Physics
   Charles University in Prague, Czech Rep.

P.S. Please excuse my bad English and feel free to correct any mistakes,
I'm not a native speaker.

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