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I'm leaving. Who will do archive maintainance for biarch?


I think i forgot to mention this on list but some of you already
know from irc that I stoped working on the biarch (or amd64 in
general) port.

The reason for this is pretty simple. The DAM has rejected my NM
application and its pending ratification or overturning by the NM
committe now. But given the bleak outlook I feel uncomfortable
maintaining Debians Opteron system and sticking my neck out for Debian
at my local university to get it hosted. So I have no more amd64
system to play with and that much less incentive to do something for
amd64 and Debian. This might change if the NM committee overrules the
DAM but that a slim chance at best.

So who is willing to maintain the alioth apt repository for biarch on
alioth? You can use the scripts I used from the tools directory, start
from scratch and setup something competly new, adapt mini-dinstall or
the real debian-archive-scripts. Its all yours.

I suggest coordinating with John Goerzen who seems to be doing pure64
so both can coexist nicely on alioth and users can easily find the one
they want. Maybe John offers to manage both repositories at the same
time. How about that John?


PS: I will stil be around for questions but don't expect me to do any work

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