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Re: I'm leaving. Who will do archive maintainance for biarch?

On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 10:39:48PM +0200, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Hi,
> I think i forgot to mention this on list but some of you already
> know from irc that I stoped working on the biarch (or amd64 in
> general) port.

   Oh.  That's too bad.  Really too bad - I was hoping to put biarch into
production on our Opteron cluster in the next two months.  Abandoning 32
bits is out of the question (too many users, too much precompiled code).

> The reason for this is pretty simple. The DAM has rejected my NM
> application and its pending ratification or overturning by the NM

  Oh.  That's am improvement over waiting up to 4 years with no
feedback from the DAM.  At least you know why (obviously I'm not on _those_
lists..).  (Used to be an AM, but the delays and lack of communication from
the DAM made it too frustrating.)

> So who is willing to maintain the alioth apt repository for biarch on
> alioth? You can use the scripts I used from the tools directory, start
> from scratch and setup something competly new, adapt mini-dinstall or
> the real debian-archive-scripts. Its all yours.

   I can help out, but don't really feel up to being fully responsible for
it, and do have an incentive to see biarch go into production fairly soon. 
I have one Opteron system to experiment on, and could grant accounts on it
(but keep in mind I kill it regularly..)

Drake Diedrich                          <diedrich@usc.edu>
Computational Molecular Biology         Phone: (213) 740-2401
Los Angeles, California 90089-1113      Fax:   (213) 740-2437

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