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Re: I'm leaving. Who will do archive maintainance for biarch?

* Goswin von Brederlow 

| So who is willing to maintain the alioth apt repository for biarch on
| alioth? You can use the scripts I used from the tools directory, start
| from scratch and setup something competly new, adapt mini-dinstall or
| the real debian-archive-scripts. Its all yours.

I'm going to work on it, and even though I think I'll throw away a lot
of the debs which have been done, the infrastructure would be nice to
inherit, and I'll also be using a lot of the patches, so we don't
waste too much work.

So basically, I'm volunteering.

| I suggest coordinating with John Goerzen who seems to be doing pure64
| so both can coexist nicely on alioth and users can easily find the one
| they want. Maybe John offers to manage both repositories at the same
| time. How about that John?

Coexistence would be nice, yes.

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