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Re: Pure64 chroot available

Hi John,

I'm using your pure64 chroot and package collection and have followed
these instructions:

John Goerzen writes:
 > mkdir amd64_pure_test/{tmp,root,proc}
 > mount -t proc none amd64_pure_test/proc
 > LOGNAME=root chroot amd64_pure_test
 > vi /etc/apt/sources.list -- change the references to
 >   http://debian/ to http://ftp.debian.org/ or your local mirror
 >   (and yes, binary-i386 is right; it only gets Arch: all packages from
 >   there)
 > apt-get update
 > apt-get -u dist-upgrade

I currently have a working system which I am trying to flesh how.
The problem I see is that when I try:

  apt-get install xlibs

it pulls the xlibs-4.3.0-5 package from binary-i386 and not from your
archive (which has xlibs-4.2.1-16.1).  I aborted the install before it
could actually install anything.

Am I missing something?  Why allow binary-i386 packages on a pure64
bit platform?


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