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Re: Pure64 chroot available

On Wed, Mar 10, 2004 at 01:46:43PM -0500, Brett Viren wrote:
> Hi John,
> The problem I see is that when I try:
>   apt-get install xlibs
> it pulls the xlibs-4.3.0-5 package from binary-i386 and not from your
> archive (which has xlibs-4.2.1-16.1).  I aborted the install before it
> could actually install anything.

This is actually correct.  xlibs is Architecture: all, and the reason
that I list binary-i386 in the sources.list file is specifically to get
these Arch: all packages.  It will filter out the Arch: i386 packages

> Am I missing something?  Why allow binary-i386 packages on a pure64
> bit platform?

It's actually a binary-all package.

-- John

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