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Re: [biarch] mysql-client vs. perl

It needs someone to run an autobuilder and have space to make the packages available. I plan on doing the former, either for biarch or for pure64, as soon as I can rebuild GCC. It's pretty much necessary in order to have a longer term use of a "sid" workstation.

I don't have enough web space to offer the gigs of binaries, so I'd need an upload account to make them available to other people. By default, I'm just autobuilding for my own use.

In theory, pure64 and pure32 can each be a chroot under a minimal booted biarch. Therefore, we could run three autobuilders in parallel and only upload packages when all three arches have at least attempted (if not succeeded) in building the package.

Brett Viren wrote:

Eric Sharkey writes:
> > It provides perlapi-5.8.0, not 5.6.1.  Which Perl version is correct?
> > This is why I avoid mixing distributions at all costs. > > I think the only way out of this would be to install the Sarge i386
> mysql client packages.

How to do this w/out blowing away all the lib64 packages?  Simply
adding a Sarge deb line to sources.list will currently cause things
like lib64c6 to be removed.

What keeps us from rebuilding the packages on Alioth each time a new
version enters i386 Sarge?


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