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Re: [biarch] mysql-client vs. perl

> Eric Sharkey writes:
>  > > It provides perlapi-5.8.0, not 5.6.1.  Which Perl version is correct?
>  > 
>  > This is why I avoid mixing distributions at all costs.
>  > 
>  > I think the only way out of this would be to install the Sarge i386
>  > mysql client packages.
> How to do this w/out blowing away all the lib64 packages?  Simply
> adding a Sarge deb line to sources.list will currently cause things
> like lib64c6 to be removed.

That's what /etc/apt/preferences is for.  You need to set pin priorities
such that you get:

  Alioth sarge packages
  Debian i386 sarge mysql-client (and dependent) packages
  Debian i386 woody packages

in that order of priority, regardless of version number.

> What keeps us from rebuilding the packages on Alioth each time a new
> version enters i386 Sarge?

Essentially what needs to be done is for amd64 to be an official port
and become part of the build daemon infrastructure.  Someone needs to
set all that up.  It'll fix a lot of these problems.


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