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Re: [pure amd64] Linux 2.6.3 compile fails

It builds if, instead of using kernel-package, you use the kernel
"make Image" command so the decompressor is completely disabled.

However, I have not yet managed to configure a small enough
2.6 series kernel that lilo can boot it without compression ...
so I have no idea whether that resulting kernel is bootable.

I have been unable to build a GCC while inside the pure64.

On Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 04:14:41PM -0500, Brett Viren wrote:
> I finally worked out my biarch kernel problems and am now trying to
> build Linux 2.6.3 in the pure64 chroot while running 2.6.3 built under
> the biarch chroot setup.  In all cases the kernel is the pristine
> version from kernel.org.
> The build is failing because there is apparently a need for 32 bit
> support in gcc.  Here is the error:
> [...]

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