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Re: [pure amd64] Linux 2.6.3 compile fails

Alex Perry writes:
 > It builds if, instead of using kernel-package, you use the kernel
 > "make Image" command so the decompressor is completely disabled.

This target doesn't exist, at least not in 2.6.3.

I tried "make vmlinux" but this faied to boot with a message about the
kernel not being in an executable file format.  Maybe due to my Grub
being 32 bit?

 > However, I have not yet managed to configure a small enough
 > 2.6 series kernel that lilo can boot it without compression ...
 > so I have no idea whether that resulting kernel is bootable.

Try switching to Grub.  Some of the monolithic kernels I've built gave
a warning of being to large (for a floppy) at the end of the build,
but Grub had no trouble booting them.  I don't know what the size
limit for Lilo is but the largest kernel I have is 2.1MB and Grub
boots it.


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