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32-bit testing and 64-bit kernel

   I've been trying to get a 32-bit installation of Debian up and
running on my Athlon64, with a singular lack of success. I have a
working Gentoo/AMD64 install from which I installed woody on a
different partition with debootstrap. Then I chrooted to the woody
install, and configured it (using base-config). This appears to work

   Then I upgraded to sarge/testing, and this is where it all starts
to go wrong. I am seeing two main problems after the upgrade:

1) console-data and console-common are unable to set the keymap in their
   postinst scripts.

   On investigation, the offending line is:

/usr/sbin/install-keymap `PERL_BADLANG=0 /usr/share/console/getkmapchoice.pl 2>&1`

   Running getkmapchoice.pl manually prints "uk". Running it in the script as:

echo Keymap is: `/usr/share/console/getkmapchoice.pl 2>&1`


Keymap is: uk uk

   I cannot see why this should be so. It does the same without the
shell redirect. There is no bug reported in the BTS related to this,
and it doesn't happen on any of my 32-bit machines.

2) make doesn't work, stopping with:

make: *** wait: No child processes.  Stop.

   Again, this doesn't happen on woody, and it doesn't happen on my
32-bit boxes.

   Has anyone else tried running a full 32-bit install of sarge or sid
with a 64-bit kernel? Have you seen these errors as well?

   Thanks, an increasingly frustrated

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