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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

Eric Sharkey <sharkey@netrics.com> writes:

> > Never abandon apt. That path leads to despair.
> It seems necessary at the moment, given that the versions files have
> problems for both sid and sarge.
> > If you see a depends problem with sarge on alioth tell me asap.
> The versions file lists 'perl-base 5.8.0-18' but other perl packages
> depend on perl >= 5.8.0-21.lib64.
I see the perl problem when I turn on debug in cdebootstrap. I don't
know where it comes from since I took care to use the right perl
packages when I set it up initially.

Also when running dpkg in the chroot the version conflict doesn't show
anymore. But I think thats a known bug.

> There is no gdb listed in the versions file at all, despite a gdb packge
> being available in the pool.

Is it working? All Depends there? There are a bunch of packages not in
the Packages file. Primary reasons are brokenness or that I never
tried to add them.

> I can't seem to get autoconf2.13 to install due to (I think) the perl
> problem.
> There seems to be no shortage of problems.
> I'm willing to help out if you want to add me as a developer.
> sharkey-guest on alioth.

Anyone have any objections to that?

> Eric


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