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Setting up an autobuilder (was Re: Concerns about AMD64 port)

On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 11:21:14AM -0500, Stephen Frost wrote:
> John, you've mentioned you have the experiance with setting up an
> autobuilder and whatnot..  Do you think you'd have time to set one up
> and get it hooked into wanna-build for a pure 64bit-native amd64 port?

Yes, though I do not yet have my AMD64 machine, and when I do, it is not
likely to be powered up 24/7.  That does not prevent me from running an
autobuilder on my own, though, once the machine does arrive.

The basic procedure for setting up your own autobuilder is this:

1. Bootstrap your pure 64-bit environment by manually porting enough
   packages to support sudo, perl, bash, apt, gcc, libc, and
   an MTA.  It looks like this task may already be done.

2. Configure your sources.list so you can get the binary-all packages
   from the existing pool.

   I use this line in my netbsd-i386 box:

   deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/

   While it's a different arch, apt will ignore all the packages that
   are not Arch: all.

3. apt-get install sbuild quinn-diff

4. Check out the CVS repository as explained on

   Build the .debs for wanna-build and buildd from that repo.

5. Muddle through the installation and the undocumented install
   procedure :-)

6. Configure your new repository and add it to your sources.list.

You can probably do steps 1 - 4 without any assistance.  I'll be pleased
to help you with any step.  I also have a few scripts that I wrote last
week for the netbsd-i386 autobuilder that will help you manage it.

Once again, a reminder that this sort of setup does not participate in
the official wanna-build infrastructure.

With AMD64, I expect that your single Opteron would be able to keep up
with the changes made to sid on a daily basis.  Some archs (*cough* m68k
*cough*) require multiple machines to do this, which is one of the
points behind wanna-build.  No matter; it's easy enough to run it on a
standalone system too.

> As I mentioned before, I've got at least one system I could use for
> doing auto-building and I'd probably be willing to spend an hour or two
> setting up a wanna-build and keeping it running but I don't know that I
> have the time to figure out how to set it all up myself having no
> experiance with the buildds yet.

It will probably take a little bit more time to get it set up.  Once
it's running, most, but not all, of it can be automated.

-- John

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