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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

* Brett Viren (bv@bnl.gov) wrote:
> Stephen Frost writes:
>  > If you've got the time/resources to do a 64bit-only port and maintain it
>  > and can convince whomever to give you wanna-build access so that you can
>  > keep it up with the rest of unstable I'd say go for it.  I'd even be
>  > willing to help but I don't think I've got room to host it on a fast
>  > connection (though others might be willing to).  
> I can offer space on mirror.phy.bnl.gov.

Oh, very cool, many thanks for the offer.  Assuming someone has the time
to figure out how to and set up the autobuilder and get it linked into
wanna-build and make whatever minor changes are necessary to dpkg we
might actually be able to put up a 64bit unofficial native port for the
users who want to have 64bit amd64 Debian systems today...

John, you've mentioned you have the experiance with setting up an
autobuilder and whatnot..  Do you think you'd have time to set one up
and get it hooked into wanna-build for a pure 64bit-native amd64 port?
As I mentioned before, I've got at least one system I could use for
doing auto-building and I'd probably be willing to spend an hour or two
setting up a wanna-build and keeping it running but I don't know that I
have the time to figure out how to set it all up myself having no
experiance with the buildds yet.


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