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Re: Concerns about AMD64 port

On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 09:40:15AM -0500, Kyle Rose wrote:
> > Can someone explain what is going on here?
> IMO, Debian has always been a little slow about these things, which
> has something to do with its quality.  (I.e., Debian is very stable
> precisely because it changes so slowly.)  Once every other

There's no problem having a Debian port in sid.  It does not have to be
an officially released port until it's ready, but it seems nobody is
even bothering to work on a pure 64-bit port.  There is no way to make
it work well if nobody tries to make it work at all.

I am willing to help out, including running an autobuilder for AMD64, if
there is any interest here in a native port.

After all, we have Hurd in sid...  surely AMD64 is going to be more
stable and usable than Hurd right from the start?

> distribution on earth has a native AMD64 port, Debian will follow.
> Until then, there's always Gentoo, which seems to have very active
> AMD64 development.

Yes, but I do not like Gentoo.  I've tried it.  Emerge sucks.  I'm a
Debian developer and want to use Debian on this thing.  If I were happy
with running Gentoo on it, I wouldn't have sent my mail :-)

(NetBSD also has a 64-bit AMD64 port, FWIW.)

-- John

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