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Re: Buying a new workstation

Stephen Waters wrote:

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 06:41, Adriano Freitas wrote:

- 1x Asus/Ati Radeon 9600XT 128mb Box

I haven't been able to make a 64/32 system work with DRM with Radeon. If
we had some good 64-bit Xfree86 debs with DRM and GL support, I'd give
that a shot (though I'm highly skeptical...).

There's no DRM support for the 9600/9800 (R300 chip) either in 64 or 32bit mode. The closed source drivers are 32bit only (the only full featured 64bit 3rd party drivers are the NVidia ones AFAIK).

AFAIK the 9700 is an R250, which is supported, and the lower ones work of course. You can't do mixed mode GL though (32bit GL apps on 64bit kernel) as there's no ioctl32 interface in the DRM layer - someone could probably write one though.

(I got a 9600 in January and it fried itself 3 weeks later, so I'm staying clear of ATI stuff... that's an expensive mistake).


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