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Re: Buying a new workstation

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 10:02, Tony Hoyle wrote:
> AFAIK the 9700 is an R250, which is supported, and the lower ones work 
> of course.  You can't do mixed mode GL though (32bit GL apps on 64bit 
> kernel) as there's no ioctl32 interface in the DRM layer - someone could 
> probably write one though.

I wonder if this is the same ioctl32 problem that crashes 32-bit X on
64-bit kernel on my hardware...

> (I got a 9600 in January and it fried itself 3 weeks later, so I'm 
> staying clear of ATI stuff... that's an expensive mistake).

I have an old trusty Radeon VE. :)


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