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Re: Is AMD64 a native 32 bit architecture?

On Thu, 20 Nov 2003, Steven L. Johnson wrote:

> Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> >Stop - how is what you're suggesting is different from just running i386
> >debian on 32/64 kerneled opteron???
> >
> The initial result is the same, except that dpkg and friends think they
> are running _amd64 and will prefer _amd64 debs over _i386.  One could
> compile for athlon or i686 instead of i386 but that's just a minor
> optimization.

This is pretty much close to what we have today. The preference part is
what is missing and it is kind of non-trivial to make sure what you want.
Because sometimes you want the newer i386 version instead of the older
amd64, sometimes not.

> >[...] why it wouldn't work or why it isn't done your
> >way etc.
> >
> My apologies for not being clear.  I wasn't thinking of doing anything
> fundamentally different from the way I think things are being done.  I
> was assuming that there is an intermediate step that is mostly 32 bit
> binaries and that the single architecture packaging tools were still the
> hold up getting things integrated into real debian.  If that's no longer
> the case, mea culpa.  I imagined that in the near term that _amd64
> having its own set of 32 bit binaries distinct from _i386 might help
> keep them from getting replaced by _i386 updates in sarge/sid.

This is a somewhat interesting idea actually. It would be a bit of work
though, since I think that the port should be resonably close to sid.


/Mattias Wadenstein

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