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Re: Is AMD64 a native 32 bit architecture?

Stop - how is what you're suggesting is different from just running i386
debian on 32/64 kerneled opteron??? 

I don't see from your email how do  you introduce 64bit libraries in your system

As for links - browse the mailinglist or better get lucky (like if you
could be yesterday evening if you did that) and get to IRC chat when I start asking stupid
questions and giving "bright" ideas - then you might find a complete
answers to your questions why it wouldn't work or why it isn't done your
way etc.


On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 01:15:15PM -0800, Steven L. Johnson wrote:
> I've read through the email in the archive.  And while a trivial 64-bit 
> port for amd64 has been rejected, I don't recall seeing a similar 
> discussion of a trivial 32-bit port being used as a base instead of 
> running on top of a i386 port.
> What I'm considering is a 32 bit port to _amd64, with a gcc default of 
> -m32.  This seems roughly synonymous (at the 50K foot level) with 
> changing from _i386 to _amd64 sooner rather than later for the the 32 
> bit libraries and 32 biarch tool chain.  Of course the 64 bit (or 32/64 
> bit) packages already ported could be added. Does the ability to 
> generate a self hosting  _amd64 port (admittedly mostly 32 bit) sooner 
> rather than later provide any more traction?
> Comments, flames, pointers to where this discussion has happened 100 
> times before?
> -Steve
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