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Re: Is AMD64 a native 32 bit architecture?

Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:

Stop - how is what you're suggesting is different from just running i386
debian on 32/64 kerneled opteron???

The initial result is the same, except that dpkg and friends think they are running _amd64 and will prefer _amd64 debs over _i386. One could compile for athlon or i686 instead of i386 but that's just a minor optimization.

I don't see from your email how do  you introduce 64bit libraries in your system

The exact same way that it has to be done now. They have to be ported to install in {,/usr}/lib64. There's no getting around that once the decision is made that {,/usr}/lib is 32 bit; that's where native mode libraries go, right? I was assuming that the existing 64bit ports could be installed as is to replace or augment the 32 libraries just as they would if using a 32 bit _i386 base.

As for links - browse the mailinglist [...]

Yup, did. As I said, I didn't find anything. I didn't consider IRC; my bad.

[...] why it wouldn't work or why it isn't done your
way etc.

My apologies for not being clear. I wasn't thinking of doing anything fundamentally different from the way I think things are being done. I was assuming that there is an intermediate step that is mostly 32 bit binaries and that the single architecture packaging tools were still the hold up getting things integrated into real debian. If that's no longer the case, mea culpa. I imagined that in the near term that _amd64 having its own set of 32 bit binaries distinct from _i386 might help keep them from getting replaced by _i386 updates in sarge/sid.


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