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Re: A couple of problems

Arnd Bergmann wrote:
No, but I have been using that compiler to build my kernel and XFree86
binaries, so far without problems that suggest a broken compiler.
My VIA sound chip also works with the OSS driver on 2.4 and with both OSS
and ALSA on 2.6-test.

I've never successfully managed to boot 2.6.x 32bit yet let alone 64bit :) That's a whole other project....

Stupid question: did you load the snd-ioctl32.o module?
Also, are you using the kernel.org sources or the ones from x86-64.org?

First I'd heard of that module... that made the utils load but didn't make the oops go away... it's predictable and right in the middle of the via82xx driver so I've posted it to alsa-devel to see what they make of it.

I always use kernel.org sources.. they tend to be much more predictable (and it's easier to get support if they go fubar).

You could try the cross tools from SuSE, see

I tried that and it didn't make the problems go away - eliminating the compiler, I guess.

The main culprit seems to be devfs. Removing that from the kernel (stopping devfsd isn't enough) makes the compiles stable again. I've no idea why, but i don't really need it so it's no loss.

Still can't get the ehci-hcd module to load... the module code doesn't look particularly special so I've no idea why it would fail like that - I'm going to play around with a pure 64bit insmod to see if that affects it.


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