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Re: A couple of problems

On Sunday 05 October 2003 00:50, Tony Hoyle wrote:
> Tony Hoyle wrote:
> >> Could it be that you are using the broken 3.3.2-0pre3 compilers? Sorry
> >> if that's the problem. After upgrading to 3.3.2-0pre4 and doing 'make
> >> clean' in the kernel dirs, it should work again.
> The kernel people seem are suggesting that 3.3.2-0pre4 is producing
> dodgy code.  Is there a later version?

No, but I have been using that compiler to build my kernel and XFree86
binaries, so far without problems that suggest a broken compiler.
My VIA sound chip also works with the OSS driver on 2.4 and with both OSS
and ALSA on 2.6-test.

> I suspect there are other problems anyway... for example according to
> the alsa documentation the alsa kernel modules are supposed to be
> 32/64bit agnostic, so you can run the 32bit libraries with them, but I
> just get error messages when I try (and ls >/dev/dsp oopses the sound
> driver still, even after installing the fixed version 0.9.7a).  At the
> moment even if I get 64bit alsa working, I'll no longer get any sound in
> 32bit apps, which is the majority at the moment.

Stupid question: did you load the snd-ioctl32.o module?
Also, are you using the kernel.org sources or the ones from x86-64.org?

> It would be interesting to try with one of the gcc's from 64bit
> redhat/mandrake (which presumably work :)) to see what results I get.

You could try the cross tools from SuSE, see

	Arnd <><

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