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Re: A couple of problems

Arnd Bergmann wrote:

There is a libssl-dev for amd64, you should be able to use that and
add the missing /usr/lib/libssl.so -> libssl.so.0.9.7 link in order to
use it on biarch systems. This is actually a very old package that
I haven't looked into for a long time. Feel free to bring it up to date
and fix the problems.

OK. openssl is on 0.9.7c now in unstable so I'll look into building a new biarch package for it.

Tony (still running on a 32bit kernel ATM as neither 2.4 or 2.6 boot at
the moment).

Could it be that you are using the broken 3.3.2-0pre3 compilers? Sorry
if that's the problem. After upgrading to 3.3.2-0pre4 and doing 'make
clean' in the kernel dirs, it should work again.

If that's not your problem, what is it?

I'm using pre4... The problem is hotplug (USB I think since I don't have anything other than a USB mouse plugged in at the moment) - as soon as it initialises there's an immediate oops. Because it's quite early in the init cycle it's hard to catch short of booting single user and trying it by hand. The oops never gets written anywhere so I haven't had the chance to run ksymoops on it (I'll see if I can get a serial cable and catch it that way).

I worked around it before by switching off all the USB settings in the BIOS to stop it initialising but that isn't working any more, so I'll have to dig around find out what's really wrong with it.


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