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Re: A couple of problems

Tony Hoyle wrote:

Could it be that you are using the broken 3.3.2-0pre3 compilers? Sorry
if that's the problem. After upgrading to 3.3.2-0pre4 and doing 'make
clean' in the kernel dirs, it should work again.

The kernel people seem are suggesting that 3.3.2-0pre4 is producing dodgy code. Is there a later version?

I suspect there are other problems anyway... for example according to the alsa documentation the alsa kernel modules are supposed to be 32/64bit agnostic, so you can run the 32bit libraries with them, but I just get error messages when I try (and ls >/dev/dsp oopses the sound driver still, even after installing the fixed version 0.9.7a). At the moment even if I get 64bit alsa working, I'll no longer get any sound in 32bit apps, which is the majority at the moment.

It would be interesting to try with one of the gcc's from 64bit redhat/mandrake (which presumably work :)) to see what results I get.


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