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Re: amd64 and dpkg and so

* Pete Harlan (harlan@artselect.com) wrote:
> > what I said. Every user of such a system will more than likely also need or
> > want to run a 32bit binary on such a machine at some stage, and it is just too
> > restrictive not to be able to do that. It is clear that you want to run 64bit
> > whenever you can, but you won't always be able to.
> Some people (myself) want one to run 64-bit only, and will never need
> to run a 32-bit binary.  I imagine a lot of people are in the same
> boat I am: I have a db server, and I'm buying an Opteron to take
> advantage of a huge flat memory space.  I couldn't care less that it's
> theoretically capable of 32-bit mode.

To some extent I'm in this same camp.  Sure, the 32-bit stuff would be
nice but if we could get Debian going, even if it's 64-bit only, I'd be
*very* happy.  The alternatives right now aren't exactly spectacular.


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