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Re: [x86-64] AMD Dev Center usage proposal - draft 3

* Jeffrey W. Baker <jwb@gghcwest.com> [030529 20:51]:
> Anything I can help with here?  I'm not a Debian developer but I am *a*
> developer and I have several Opteron machines at my disposal, all of
> them booting a Debian-built kernel (both bootstrapped from 32-bit and
> built under 64-bit).

That sounds great Jeffrey... and extra hands we can get would be great.

It would be nice if you could pick up a few packages for porting off the
list... I guess we will have to have some kind of way of tracking who is
working on what.

All the libraries are up for grabs except for glibc and ncurses (which
Arnd has packed on his site).

Other than that we need testers.  If you would be willing to put our
packages source into your apt/sources.list that would be great.

BTW, we don't have one yet :)


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