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Re: [x86-64] AMD Dev Center usage proposal - draft 3

On Thu, 2003-05-29 at 16:29, Bart Trojanowski wrote:

> 2. Initial build system
>   stuff that must happen before we port any .deb's
> 2.1  testing 32-bit user-space with 64-bit kernel
>   - on the Debian/Sid partition we will run the SuSE binary kernel (to start)
>   - we should be able to run simple programs

I have a running 64-bit Debian-built kernel booting on my machines.  If
you wish, I will build and upload a kernel package for it.  It is bare
with IDE, aic7xxx, aic79xx, and broadcom ethernet support.  I could add
crap until it stops booting to figure out what causes the problem.

> 2.2  running 64-bit tool-chain
>   - we will install Arnd's biarch compiler and libraries
>   - we should be able to compile and run simple C programs
> 2.3  ability to build a 2.4.20+ 64-bit kernel natively
>   - Arnd has done some progress here, but last I heard the work was not
>     yet completely finished
>   - we should be able to build, install, and boot a 2.4.20+ kernel.

Anything I can help with here?  I'm not a Debian developer but I am *a*
developer and I have several Opteron machines at my disposal, all of
them booting a Debian-built kernel (both bootstrapped from 32-bit and
built under 64-bit).


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