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[x86-64] AMD Dev Center usage proposal - draft 3

To move things along I decided to write another revision of this email;
now at draft 3.

If there are no further comments to this list of items I will write it
up in a more formal way (read: with actual sentences) for a final
approval from you.  And I hope to have it submitted to AMD sometime next

NB: this document is preventing ssh access to the Debian port box that
AMD has for us... so it's important that we get this done.

1. Organization

  stuff that must happen before we do any real work

1.1  starting point (what we will require to start)
  - dual boot system running SuSE 64-bit and Debian/Sid 32-bit
  - serial console access from another box/terminal server/etc.
  - a remote-access power switch to the system
  - ssh access to the box itself

1.2  communication
  - official mailing list debian-x86-64@lists.debian.org

1.3  members requesting access to the AMD provided computer
  - (note: these are people that have already registered with AMD)
  - Kurt Keville
  - Arnd Bergmann
  - Bart Trojanowski
  - Falk Hüffner
  - Roland Fehrenbacher

1.4  decide on a port name
  - amd64 was suggested (I agree personally)
  - decide on the .deb naming to distinguish amd64/i386/biarch
  - x86_64 has an advantage of being consistent with other distributions
  - configure scripts and dpkg/apt tools could have amd64 as an alias
  - who should have the final say?

2. Initial build system

  stuff that must happen before we port any .deb's

2.1  testing 32-bit user-space with 64-bit kernel
  - on the Debian/Sid partition we will run the SuSE binary kernel (to start)
  - we should be able to run simple programs

2.2  running 64-bit tool-chain
  - we will install Arnd's biarch compiler and libraries
  - we should be able to compile and run simple C programs

2.3  ability to build a 2.4.20+ 64-bit kernel natively
  - Arnd has done some progress here, but last I heard the work was not
    yet completely finished
  - we should be able to build, install, and boot a 2.4.20+ kernel.

3. Initial release requirements

  'initial release' is what I would like to call our first public
	release; personally I would love to be able to announce it at 
	OLS/2003 (at the BoF)

  'core' packages are those found in

3.1  port all core libraries
  - /lib64 migration for 64 bit libraries
  - we should be able to compile and run simple C programs against these
  - http://www.jukie.net/~bart/debian/amd64/proposal/packages.libs

3.2  port packages required by autobuilder
  - what are they? how many?
  - *** HELP ***

3.3  port/setup autobuilder
  - once running certain packages may need to be tweaked 
3.4  port remaining base packages
  - http://www.jukie.net/~bart/debian/amd64/proposal/packages.rest

4. Projects to start post first release

4.1  Hack dpkg to understand the new architecture.
  - open dialog with dpkg maintainer
4.2  Make the ftp people create the new architecture in the archive.
  - this could start as we go through 3
4.3  ability to build a 2.5.x 64-bit kernel natively
   - we should be able to build, install, and boot a recent 2.5.* kernel.
4.4  testing?
4.5  install CD...

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