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Re: [x86-64] AMD Dev Center usage proposal - draft 3

* Jeffrey W. Baker <jwb@gghcwest.com> [030529 20:34]:
> I have a running 64-bit Debian-built kernel booting on my machines.  If
> you wish, I will build and upload a kernel package for it.  It is bare
> with IDE, aic7xxx, aic79xx, and broadcom ethernet support.  I could add
> crap until it stops booting to figure out what causes the problem.

I assume this is 2.4.20 + patches?

Probably what may help on this list is not the kernel binary, but the
.config file (stripped of #comments), what patches you used, and what
tool versions you used to build it.

May come handy to someone that is searching the web too :)


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