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Re: PWS 433au (Miata) recovery update

On 1/27/19 22:53, Alex Winbow wrote:
On Mon, 28 Jan 2019, Michael Cree wrote:

samba build-depends on ceph [1] but ceph hasn't built on Alpha for
some time [2].  Looks like dtp-relative relocation errors during
linking in the build of ceph [3] is the reason.  I have a theory that
gcc is not taking the spec file listed in its invocation arguments in
the correct order with other passed arguments thus we are not getting
correct linking for some shared libraries in the repository. That
leads to FTBFS in other packages with these dtp-relative relocation
errors. I haven't explored my theory enough to make a bug report
against gcc.

Thanks, Michael. How can I help debug this? The alpha I'm bringing up
will be a replacement server.

Does anyone have an archive of "samba-common_4.7.3+dfsg-1_all.deb"? That
seems like it may be missing piece for installing the older samba 4.7.3
for now on alpha (the binary packages still being present in the archive).

snapshot.debian.org seems to still have it on:


Direct download from:


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